Piezoelectric Components

Alumina Wear Plates

Boston Piezo-Optics offers a wide range of sizes and thicknesses in wear plates used to protect the crystals of transducer assemblies from corrosion, sliding abrasion, or high temperatures. All wear plates are manufactured to specification.

General Specifications

Material Diameter Thickness Surface Flatness Parallelism Electrodes
94% Pink Alumina Oxide 0.060" - 1.250" 0.003" - 0.020" 3 micron fine lapped To within 0.0001" per 0.500" of diameter To within 0.0002" per 0.500" of diameter Fired Palladium/silver or Fired Gold upon special request

Other sizes and thicknesses are available.

Material Characteristics

Moh's Hardness9+
Density3.72 g/cm3
Young's Modulus4.6 x 107 PSI
Modulus of Rigidity1.9 x 107 PSI
Ultrasound Transit Time, Through thickness of: 0.005" = 1.29 x 10-8 sec
0.010" = 2.68 x 10-8 sec
0.020" = 5.17 x 10-8 sec